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Welcome to Bangladesh

An invitation to a golden adventure The destination of nature loving tourist of the world...

A land of unspoiled nature, rich cultural heritage and exotic beauty, Bangladesh is considered as one of the most potential country for eco-tourism among the South Asian countries. Her fertile land contains greater bio-diversity than that of many countries taken together. The unique composition of biological phenomenon with varied flora and fauna of this area has perhaps no match elsewhere in the world. The alluvial plain of Bangladesh is crisscrossed by the three mighty river systems, the Padma, (Ganges), the Jamuna and the Meghna and more than 200 tributaries and distributories forming this unique land of lush green paddy fields and tranquil coastal islands. The world longest sandy sea beach at Cox’s Bazar along with a contiguous belt of remarkable forests hills and wildlife habitat, the inter-tidal estuaries, fresh water canals and evergreen vegetation have got splendid attraction for the eco-tourists. We can proudly mention that Bangladesh is blessed with the three world’s splendid and enchanting eco-tourism spots of diverse nature The Sundarbans, largest mangrove forest of the world having with rich bio-diversity and wide range of wildlife habitat including the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger and being the heritage site constitute the best spot for eco-tourism. The second important sector is the rich tribal life of Chittagong hill tracts where over than 13 indigenous groups forming a luminous cultural landscape on the hilly topography, the ancient ruins of Mohasthangarh, Paharpur, Moinamati, Salban Bihar, the folkart tradition of Sonargoan of 300 BC are the most important tourist attractions. T third sector is the most enchanting dreamland of eco-tourists, Sylhet which is popularly known as the land of two leaves and a bud, occupying a vast territory lying between the Khasia and Jointia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills of India on the south. The world’s largest tea gardens on the panoramic hill slopes of Srimangol and the most fascinated tribal people like Monipure, Tripura, Khasia and Garo with their primitive life style and cultural excellence have made the real break through in the world of Eco-Tourism.